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I’ve only been in my house for 2 years now and my closet is finally organized… better late than never I guess?! When I moved into my house the master bedroom was originally designed with two separate closets and doors. I wasn’t a huge fan so I asked my builder if we could bust out the wall in between the two closets to just make one giant “blogger closet”! Best idea EVER!


Thank goodness I’m still single because clearly you can see there is no room in this closet for a man. Hopefully my future husband is okay with using the guest bedroom closet, haha. Even though I do a closet clean-out every season I feel like I still have SO much! I mean obviously I do have a TON of clothes, but since I’m a fashion blogger that’s my excuse right? Don’t answer that.


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I know we aren’t all OCD about organization which is why I wanted to share a few of my tips that are easy and inexpensive. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have the closet of your dreams. You just need to get crafty! It’s kinda like a Tetris puzzle, you know?



When I moved in I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted all the hanging space and shelves to be laid out. It was fine for a little bit, but quickly became a serious unorganized mess… At the beginning of the year, I finally reached a point where I couldn’t take the mess anymore. I desperately needed more drawer space and a way to store my handbags. That’s when I decided it was time for Elfa shelving. I don’t know how I lived without it!

You can see the unit I had installed which has drawers for my sweaters and scarves. The two very top drawers are for all of my jewelry. They have different dividers you can choose from depending on what type of jewelry you are trying to store. This feature was by far my favorite thing about installing the Elfa shelving.

My next problem was figuring out how to store all of my handbags. I’m a handbag queen so this was very important. I decide to go with simple dividers on the very top shelf so I could easily store all of my clutches and crossbody purses. These dividers just snap in so you could get as many as you wanted. I left the other two shelves open because I wasn’t sure what I was going to need to put on them. You can see now I decided to put things there that are everyday go-to’s like my perfume and watch.

Yes, Elfa shelving is a bit more expensive but you don’t have to install a full until like I did! They sell all the pieces individually so you can buy what you need for now.

*P.S. I totally changed out the ugly drawer pulls with these cute decorative knobs!


I was sooooo against velvet hangers for the longest time! Looking back, I don’t know why? I think it was because I didn’t want to switch all my hangers out (again lazy…). Now that I have completely switched everything in my closet to these hangers it’s created a lot more hanging space!

TIP: When you are hanging your clothes always try to group items by color. Also, turn your hangers backwards until you wear that item each season. At the end of the season if the hanger isn’t turned around then you may want to donate it.


Originally, I just had a ton of crap thrown up on the very very top shelf in my closet. Things like garment bags, blankets, pillows, etc. Stuff that I don’t use all the time. That’s why I decided I wanted to get these large wicker baskets. First off, they look way better and everything has a place.


Shoe shelves are amazing and I love that you can see all of my favorite shoes right when I walk into my closet. However, we don’t all have that much space. I’m still a fan of these shoe hanging racks because most of them are canvas and won’t damage your shoes. You could easily buy 2-3 of them and hang them next to each other for a shoe wall. And, a lot of the other ones are difficult to put shoes in or take them out bc some of the heels get stuck.


Why? Because it’s just pretty. There are so many fun acrylic organizers out there now for jewelry, makeup, etc. I’ve actually had these acrylic magazine cases for so long… I originally bought them to organize and store my handbags before having the Elfa Shelf racks. Now I turned them horizontal and use them underneath my hanging clothes for more space! It always bugged me that there was this extra bit of space under my hanging clothes that I never knew what do with…ta-da! Problem solved 🙂

I know these tips aren’t anything mind blowing, but maybe they will inspire you to clean out your closet and organize your dream closet! I’ve seen plenty of closets much smaller than mine that look amazing! It’s just a matter of… “If there is a will. There is a way.”

woman in her closet and trying on shoes

CLOSET ORGANIZATION REVEAL woman trying on perfume

accessory box and accessories

CLOSET ORGANIZATION REVEAL with woman holding jacket

I wanted to show you my closet design, but more importantly I wanted to share 6 items every woman should own by age 30. All of these items are things that I constantly use with my wardrobe. They are classic items that work for any woman of any shape or size. Some are investment pieces that take time to save up for like my YSL handbag. However, it’s a timeless piece that I’ll never get rid of and will always be in style.


A classic black blazer

Comfortable nude pumps

The perfect pair of jeans

A nice watch

Go-to handbag

Signature perfume

These are all things that I feel have turned me from a girl to a woman. Yes, for some ladies they may want to swap a black blazer for a black dress. I’m all for it because that is another item you should own. Personally, my style is more chic casual so a blazer wins. I think the most important item out of all of these though… A signature perfume. I didn’t have one until about 2 years ago. When I found the YSL Mon Paris and started noticing multiple men tell me how good I smelled I knew it was the one!

walk in closet with hanging clothes

walk in closet with hanging and folded clothes

Some of you may already have these items in your closet, but can’t find them? Lol. Or maybe you are like me and realized you should take better care of the nice things you buy… I’m the first to admit I’ve kind of become lazy over the years when it comes to keeping things clean or organized. I feel like majority of the reason is because I’m busier now so I just throw things all over my room and closet. However, since I have this nice big closet and invested money into all of this stuff I need to be the responsible adult I am!

photos: Beckley Co.

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