warm up with a walk before your HIIT Workout On The Go

Welcome to my “Physically FIIT” series! A few weeks ago, I introduced you all to the “Financially FIIT” series and explained a little about this new three part series I’m doing with the boys. I’m sure many of you all have seen Spencer on my Insta stories (no he is not my boyfriend!) during a lot of my workouts the past few months. Over the next few months he will be working with me to create some fun and easy workouts and tips for you all to become “Physically FIIT”!

Today I wanted to share a 30-minute HIIT workout for when you are on the go…because life gets busy. Or for me I wanted him to create this HIIT workout on the go for me to use anytime I’m traveling! I’m heading to Montana next week and need to keep up the workout momentum before the holidays get here (which feels like tomorrow!).

We decided to create this 30-minute HIIT workout without weights so you can do it anywhere and everywhere. We’ve broken it down into a quick cardio warm-up + arm/leg circuits.


Funny story… I met Spencer through my friend Rhonda because she convinced me to come to one of his spin classes. He was so nice and upbeat I instantly loved his classes and his personality. We started hanging out more over the summer (as a group!) and as I was getting to know Spencer I found out he played football at SMU! However, he was there a little after I was… You should’ve seen my face when I realized how much younger he was than me, haha.

Anyway, we still bonded over football and working out! He is also a trainer at Evolve which is one of my absolute favorite gyms here in Dallas. They are very similar to VIVE so I know I’m getting the same training across the board.

Lunging is easy and can be done anywhere

Okay so lets get right to it! Clearly I’m not a fitness expert so I hope this is explained in the best way possible, but if you have questions please leave them below or on Instagram!

Pre HIIT Workout On The Go


1 minute – jog
1 minute – walking lunges

40 second – light run
20 second – walking lunge

30 second – run
30 second – walking lunge

20 second – sprint
40 second – walking lunge

1 minute – rest

Lunges before lunch

HIIT Workout On The Go


50 seconds on / 10 seconds off
4-6 reps each round
4 rounds

This is NOT about speed. Take each rep slow and controlled.

Put back leg up on a bench or anything you can find that will elevate your leg.

jumping in the park

Ideally find something that is almost knee high to jump onto but just be careful!
Other options = regular squats or broad jumps (forward moving squat jumps).

planks are a great and easy thing to do in HIIT Workout On The Go

In plank position raise each leg up and lower for 4 seconds down.

HIIT Workout On The Go


50 seconds on / 10 seconds off
4-6 reps each round
4 rounds

Try to find something to elevate yourself slightly. Start in a plank position and do a 4 second down push-up. Then rotate into a side plank opening up left to right.

two people doing a HIIT Workout On The Go

Normally legs are bent to 90 degrees, but putting them straight out makes this move harder. Keep arms straight and then slowly lower down to 90 degrees. Lower your butt as you lower your arms.

how to sweat, make it fast!HIIT Workout On The Go
















Start in normal plank position on elbows. Then push yourself up one arm at a time to a high plank. Then lower back down.

You’re done!! Doesn’t seem too hard, right? It’s only 30-minutes of your day and I guarantee you’ll feel better about yourself if you do this a few times a week. Even on vacation! But I’ll get back to you on that… 😉

Thanks so much to Lululemon for our outfits!!!!!!!!!

photos: Beckley Co.

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