2020 GOAL = HOPEI just read my morning devotional, and the overall message was no matter how much you mess up God still loves you and forgives you. Very much spot on with what I’ve been needing to hear lately. Last year was not the best year of my life… Not that it was the worst either. It was very much a year where my PATIENCE was tested. After all the struggles I endured last year, the ONE WORD that came to mind for me to live by this year was HOPE.

2020 GOAL = HOPE

If you’re new to the blog, then you should know I do not set resolutions but choose ONE WORD to live by each year. That word applies to everything I do throughout the year. After some trials and tribulations last year, HOPE was revealed to me in my prayers. So, have you ever thought about choosing ONE WORD for the year instead of setting goals you may not accomplish?

I won’t go into detail about all of my struggles from last year, but I will touch on a few. First, I put wayyyyyyy too much on my plate work wise. About 3 months into 2019 that ambition to accomplish all of these things on my plate started to dwindle. A big reason for this lack of motivation was because I found out I was being cheated on and I lost my assistant. I just was NOT feeling so good about things.

After quickly moving on from that rough patch I started to get the drive back. However, I felt like I was drowning with work. From about April to October of 2019, I felt like all I was doing in life was dog paddling trying to figure out which way to swim. Then as soon as I started to swim in one direction a wave pushed me back.

I ended up hiring 5 assistants over the year… I know what you’re thinking… Believe me, I’m not that difficult to work with! I do have very high expectations considering I’ve run my own company for almost 10 years. However, when someone over promises and under delivers what can you do? Luckily, I found the absolute BEST assistant in the world towards the end of the year. She is one reason why I have HOPE that things will be much better at work this year, and I’ll have the help I need to accomplish some new ventures.

Moving on to my personal life, that did not started off so hot. However, I knew the cheater wasn’t the one I was going to end up with and I’m thankful God intervened. In 2018, my ONE WORD was TRUST and I had finally trusted God that He knew what He was doing with my singleness. So last year I needed to be PATIENT with his timing. Well, insert confusion and a very unexpected plot twist in my love life… Someone came into my life again that was very surprising. I’d known him for 13 years and he was one of my best guy friends… I’m not going to expand on that now, but I will be writing a post on it later.

When that didn’t work out my PATIENCE started running very thin. It’s still being tested, and I know I’ll always struggle with being patient. Low and behold, the very first church service of 2020 was about not dwelling on the past. Honestly, I could not wait for 2019 to be over. Although, on January 1st my troubles didn’t just disappear. I really needed to hear that service to know it’s okay that I didn’t do my best last year, but He still has my life in control. So once again, I knew HOPE was the perfect word of the year for 2020.

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