Good morning! I’m only a few weeks behind on making my 2017 resolutions, but a lot of them are the same each year: workout more, eat healthier, go to church every week…the normal. I still have those resolutions this year, but I also wanted to think about my goals overall. This has been extremely difficult because I’ve been thinking a lot about my career. I’ve owned my own digital marketing company for almost 7 years now, and been fully committed to the blog for 3 years. Last year I combined my businesses by creating the “Blogger Workshop” to train bloggers on how to effectively run their own blog. I had to pause the workshop over the holiday season because I was too busy with my digital marketing clients, but now I’m happy to announce it’s open again! AND…I’m going to be adding some very very very exciting things to the workshop this year!!!

So now let’s talk about my realistic 2017 Goals:

#1: Be consistently healthy. If you don’t take care of yourself first then how can you take care of others? That means set workout goal reminders on my phone, and schedule my time better. I’ve been doing BBG and I absolutely love it! I’m going to try to do more Insta stories each week to let y’all know when I’m working out so you can do it too.


#2: Manage my time better. Working from home makes it hard to stick to a regular work schedule. This year I want to change that by setting a specific schedule for work meetings, personal time, and blog work. That might mean setting blocks of time each day in my calendar, and putting away anything that will distract me from what I’m currently working on.

#3: Be accountable. This goes for pretty much everything… Whether it’s having a workout buddy, or mentor I meet with once a month. I’ve found that telling someone you respect what you are struggling with, and having them help you stay accountable to reach those goals is SO beneficial.

#4: Grow my business. This is always a goal when you own your own business. There are so many things I’ve wanted to expand on over the last year, but have always been “too busy” to make it happen. Not this year. This is the year I’m going to DO IT. Again, setting weekly reminders in your calendar and setting aside a specific time to see how you’ve progressed is a good way to stay on track.

#5: Don’t stress. The hardest one of all… When work isn’t going well I stress myself out so badly I get extremely bad stomach aches. It’s the worst. Instead of stressing (which accomplishes nothing) I’ve got to start praying about it. When I’m so wrapped up in something I forget it’s not in my control. It’s in His control, and it’s all going to work out.

Fleece Zip Up Jacket // Alo Yoga Tights // Black Running Shoes (old; similar) // Activity Tracker //
Sports Bra // Sunglasses

photos: So Then They Say

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