2015 new year resolutionsHappy New Year!! I’ve been thinking about my 2015 New Year resolutions, and I think I’ve got some good and realistic goals this year. Surprisingly, last year I completed most of my resolutions so hopefully I can do the same in 2015. I hope you all have thought about your resolutions, and I would love to hear them!

1. Continue to build and strengthen my relationship with God

2. Be patient with His timing

3. Find prince charming 😉 (probably should refer back to #2)

4. Be financially responsible so I can buy a house

5. Eat healthy on a consistent basis – no up’s and down’s (eek! this one is going to be hard!)

6. Be positive – look on the bright side in every situation

7. Stay organized and plan ahead with work

8. Be adventurous/travel (already started this one! Europe see you in April!)

9. Blog on a consistent basis

10. Be thankful for everything I have!!!!


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